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Disemination activities are carried ongoing. The project has been disseminated among local Head Teacher and Teachers at the local level .The coordinator of the project with the cooperation with the national consultant of Erasmus+ Mrs Joanna Sobotnik have carried out the workshops for headteachers and teachers inorder to encourage the schools to take part in Erasmus+. Previously, only 3 schools carried out the project Erasmus+ , but thanks to this meeting alot of school took the challenge and applied for funding. It turned out that many eforms have been approved by National Agency . It is a big success for us. 

Moreover, we disseminated project by organising events, E+E Days, meetng with local authorities, inviting local television and the radio.

The project is disseminated at national level. We took part in the competiotion Selfie+ organised by National Agency.

At European level we disseminate project by cooperating with Publishing House 'Cambridge' in Portugal which have published our results. We use eTwinning platform to promote the European cooperation.